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Fintech Prize Invitation by Categories that You Can Apply Freely

Dears, Ladies and Gentlemen .

Because of we see during the year of 2020, we always remember 2020 as interesting year with many aspects, hope pandemie will end with injections that some of them started to test on humans. As Digitalization needs of the world as many level such as enterprises, B2B, Mobile, CX/UX, DCX , for nonbanks, Microcredits and many other areas  as business and strategic wise we are involving as technology as well....

Our groups aim is help to increase awareness of the market players/leaders with their NGOs, Banks, Fintechs, Startups companies/institutions.. So our Fintech Prize event will including the categories that maybe never seen before in any prize event such categories as Best Fintech NGOs , Best Fintech Event Organization, Best Incubation Support Centers ....

Please see our Fintech Prize categories at the link following let me share you all with your kind attention : https://www.fintechprize.com/2020/09/prize-categories.html

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